We Are Not A Political Organization

Due to the nature of our unit, we do have Axis re-enactors. These members, just like our allied soldiers, portray no political party affiliation, such as the Nazi Party. While it is important to not forget what happened, we do not feel that politics is the best way to do this. We strive to show that the regular German soldiers were not Nazis; they were young men who were fighting for their country, just like the allied. 

Who We Are

We strive to bring the history of this legendary unit to life as completely and accurately as we can in our dress, demeanour, and scholarship; both in public and in private re-enactment events.

To Forcemen, it’s about learning what life, and sometimes death, was like in the FSSF of WWII by recreating that experience as authentically as possible. That means real men and women, real tactics and real equipment, deployed in as-close-to-real-as-possible scenarios. 

Our Mission Statement

The First Special Service Force Living History Association is a World War II living history and combat re-enactment unit. Our purpose is to portray the life, image and history of this historic unit from the Second World War; and to show appreciation for the sacrifices of the men and women in the armed services, both past and present.

Our main goal is to keep the memory of our veterans alive. They fought for our freedom, and while this was over 70 years ago, we feel the need to keep the memory of those sacrifices alive.  

​The 1940's was a vastly different period in time. Our displays help visitors see the life of a soldier and the people left at home during World War II. Not just the fighting, but the daily life, and the difficulties they all faced. This is a great learning tool for younger generations who will only see pictures in books. Being able to put on a set of webbing and equipment, feel the weight and how cumbersome it is,can really add a new level of appreciation for those who lived through it.

What We Do