Who can join the unit?

  • Anyone! We do ask that you are ready to follow the lifestyle and rank structure put forth by our unit. Physically in shape is definently an asset to you, if you wish to portray a soldier within out unit. One thing we do ask is to be willing to abide by our haircut and facial hair regulations.

What is the cost to join?

  • Our annual fees are $50.00 CAD per year. All members are required to supply all their own uniform, equipment and weapons. We do have rental and loaner items available until the member can purchase their own. These are supplied by our Quartermaster on a first come first serve basis.

How much of a time commitment is necessary?

  • We do ask that you can make at least one training day per month. While we are based in Edmonton, training days will be made available in Calgary for our members in Southern Alberta. If you cannot make a training day per month, it's not the end of the world and you can make up time at a later date.

How old do you have to be?

  • We have members of all ages, but do ask that if you are under 18 to provide us with a signed form of parental consent. Our under age members are under strict weapon use guidelines. Any changes to those guidelines must be discussed with the CO, the armourer, and the parents of the member in question.

What are the physical requirements?

  • There are no physical requirements for any event. Members come in a variety of shapes, ages, sizes and phsyical abilities. We will advise if certain events are physically demanding but will not bar a member from attending based upon any physical ability. The only case when physical ability may preclude certain members from attending would be in the case of another event organizer, in which the unit is assisting, places a restriction upon those attending based purely upon authenticity of appearance.

What fields of service are represented in the FSSFLHA?

  • We have a variety of roles represented in the FSSFLHA. You do not have to join as a combat infantryman. If you have a passion, guaranteed we have a role that you can fill within our ranks. Currently, the roles we have represented are as follows:

Medical Corps: US Army Medical Corps, Red Cross (US and Germany), Combat Medics

Signal Corps: Field Communications, Adjutant Corps, Intelligence

War Correspondent: Field Reporters

Supply: Quartermaster and Supply Corps

How long has the FSSFLHA been around?

  • The FSSFLHA was organized as a Not for Profit Society in December 2011

How do veterans feel about the FSSFLHA?

  • We have received resounding approval from veterans at every event. One of our first events since the creation of the unit, actual FSSF veterans approached us and thanked us for what we do and thanked us for keeping their memory alive. Veterans have viewed the FSSFLHA as a part of their legacy and a tool for the honour and duty they have fought with great sacrifice to preserve. These veterans view the FSSFLHA as a necessary part of educating the public on the sacrifices that they made.

What restrictions are placed upon membership?

  • Members as well as volunteers must sign and follow the Code of Conduct for the duration of all events and membership period. Members cannot at any time orientate themselves with radical extremist or racist groups. Members must maintain a quality level of discipline and conduct at all times.

When are unit elections?

  • Unit elections are held following a nomination among all members every May 31st. New board members and officers shall be announced the following day. Voting procedures and further information can be found in the FSSFLHA Bylaws.

What are the minimum qualifications for maintaining membership?

  • We realize that everyone has busy lives. As a group of volunteers and cilivians life can many times get in the way and not everyone can attend every event. Members are only required to FSSFLHA sanctioned attend one event per calendar year to maintain active membership. Only those aspiring to hold higher ranks or those holding those ranks are required to attend additional events. However, we do allow members to make up events by aiding the FSSFLHA in a variety of tasks that are available. See a staff officer for details.

Do I need any military background or prior experience?

  • No. Our members come from all walks of life. We have members who are current and former military service members but also members who have absolutely no military background or experience. All we require is a love for history and an appreciation of the sacrifice of veterans. The FSSFLHA will ensure that you receive the training necessary to orient you with the knowledge necessary to become a well rounded re-enactor.

How do I get promoted?

  • Promotions are awarded on a as required basis as well as upon merit, commitment and knowledge. For any member to become eligible to receive a promotion they must first be in good standing within the unit. This means no disciplinary action having taken place within the past four months. Additionally they must have paid their dues in full.Furthermore members must have met the attendance requirement for that rank in order to be considered. Members may check with the staff officers for their attendance records. Members must also have a good standing, and demonstrated, knowledge of the time period, drill, procedure and equipment.Lastly a member must be recommended for promotion by a FSSF LHA Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO), Senior NCO or officer. Upon completion of all these, the Commanding Officer (CO) shall determine, by suggestion and recommendation of the staff officers and NCOs, if the member should be promoted. Once an available spot for the selected rank is available the CO shall promote the member to that rank.