Are you ready to honour our veterans?  Want to portray the life, trials and tribulations of an elite World War Two soldier? We want you!

Our mission with the unit is to provide and educate people about the sacrifices of war. What our grandparents, fathers, brothers had to go through so we could keep our freedom. We do this through varieties of ways:

  • Re-enactments
  • Living History Displays
  • Training
  • Social Gatherings


Since the First Special Service Force was  a joint "commando" unit between the United Sates and Canada, we have the distinction of being very unique. 

​​The weapons we use are a mix of real, de-activated and replica. All of our weapons are thoroughly checked by the appointed armourer for the event, before any weapon is used or put on display. We have a zero tolerance for illegal or prohibited weapons within our unit. NO live ammunition is ever acceptable at any event. The ONLY exceptions are those of a live fire range training day.

While we do have a selection of weapons to rent from, members are allowed to bring in their legally owned weapons. In order to use any weapon at an event, the member MUST attend a mandatory safety course on the weapon they are bringing. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE. Because blanks are still very dangerous, we still need to be extremely safe with our weapons.

Since we do blank firing re-enactments, we need to have weapons capable of firing blanks safely and effectively. Most of the weapons in use will require a Blank Firing Adapter. These are available through the unit. In some cases, the weapon must be permanently modified to be able to fire blanks. The modification must be approved by the unit armourer BEFORE the change is made. 

We abide by all local, provincial and federal firearm and pyrotechnic laws.