A Message from our President


While we all know the much publicized stories about World War Two, it is imperative to tell the story of all veterans. Members have many different impressions, and you don't need to portray an FSSF soldier to come out to events. Any impression is welcome, as long as it falls under our rules and regulations.

Our Volunteers


Being a re-enactor is great fun. But the commitment is something that some people can't make because of various reasons. We find a lot of people want to help us out and keep the memory alive of the soldiers, but aren't able to re-enact in the normal sense of the word. We have many positions that are just as important. Please email if you are interested in helping out!


Some people think that the German army were all Nazis. We know this not to be true. The FSSF is a galvanized unit which also portray the axis forces. We want to show that the average German or even Italian soldiers were just like our side. Young boys who were sent to war. We do not affiliate ourselves with any Nazi political organization

Hello and welcome to the official website of the First Special Service Force - Living History Association.  We are a group of dedicated individuals who hold a passion for military history and for the legacy created by the courageous veterans across the globe.  The association, founded in December 2011 as an official not-for-profit association, was created with the credence of providing a service to the general public and community for the education on the life of the common soldier during the Second World War and the sacrifice of the veterans both foreign and domestic.  Initially the association formed under the lone mandate of representing the prestigious First Special Service Force as the membership at the time fit the persona.   As we grew and gained a greater amount of respect within the community we decided to expand our ranks and our representations.  Now comprised of both Allied and Axis unit representations the FSSFLHA is a dynamic educational and community building asset.

The members of the FSSFLHA participate for a variety of reasons.  Personally I founded this association for two goals.  One was to better my community through a more active awareness of military history and a respect for its legacy.  The second was for the veterans.  My family carries with it a long legacy of military service members, as far back in history as we can fathom.  My uncle, LTC Steve Mason, US Army (ret), always struck a keen interest and respect for the military through his roles and service in my nation's military   For me the association is my way of giving back to him, of giving back to the many veterans who served to ensure my liberties and capabilities in life.  My role now within the association is to ensure that those legacies continue and are remembered.

As such our focus and goal is to provide a greater appreciation for veterans across the world and to provide the community with a greater knowledge and experience of what life was like during the greatest conflict this world has ever seen.  Please feel free to roam the pages included here and if you find some passion in the goals and activities we strive to provide to the community then please consider either an application or a donation to this unique association and critically beneficial group to your community.

As an association of purely volunteer members each member holds a key passion for our veterans and a passion for military history.  As such we gladly welcome donations and eager members to join our ranks.  Any questions may be fielded to any of the contacts listed on the site as well as myself.  Without your support, the legacy we hope to protect cannot be saved.  Help us to help the legacy of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and push forward with our communities to create a better respect in the younger generations for the sacrifice made for their freedoms.